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Lee & Hayes is a premier IP law firm specializing in patent prosecution and other non-litigation IP services. We provide industry leading counsel to companies around the globe. Read the latest press releases.

03-01-14 IP is an Increasingly Valuable Asset by George Nethercutt - NW Lawyer
01-10-14 Innocent Accused Infringer Takes on Copyright Troll - Die Troll Die
12-12-13 Law firm Lee & Hayes opens D.C. Office Spokesman Review
12-11-13 Former Representative Nethercutt opens D.C. Office for IP firm The Hill
11-29-13 The Race to the Patent Office: Are you Falling Behind?- Austin Business Journal
11-24-13 Washington Lawmakers must Protect Intellectual Property –Spokesman Review
10-09-13 Lee & Hayes Hires Austin Patent Litgator – Austin Legal News
09-26-13 Industry-focused Hubs Sprout – Spokane Journal of Business   
07-08-13 Spokane Law Firm’s IP Core is Luring Lawyers and Clients - National Law Journal, Leigh Jones
07-03-13 Lee & Hayes Law Firm Staffs up Firmwide – Spokane Journal of Business      
05-07-13 Weatherhead Joining Lee & Hayes Law Firm - Spokesman Review
05-01-13 For the 4th consecutive year, Lee & Hayes ranks #1 in patent quality – Intellectual Asset Magazine, Joff Wild
05-07-13 Weatherhead Joining Lee & Hayes Law Firm - Spokesman Review
06-21-12 Lee & Hayes Expands Scope of Law Practice -Spokesman Review, Tom Sowa
06-01-12 “Conducting Parallel Patent Litigation and PTO Proceedings: The Intersection of Federal and State Professional Conduct Rules, Duties, and Obligations” published in IP Litigator Magazine
05-01-12 Lee & Hayes, Paragons of Quality -Intellectual Asset Magazine, Helen Sloan
04-01-12 Intellectual Property Business is Booming, Despite Economic Downturn, Patent Law Remains a Vigorous Growth Sector - Seattle Business Magazine, Paul Freeman
02-17-12 Xconomy, Open Source May be the Answer for Pharma and Biotech. Guest post by Connie Wong
02-01-12 Work Hard, Play Hard: Living in the Northwest

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